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Opt for our custom programs to help you pick the right meal course. Get the professional help you need from our experienced staff to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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Get the motivation you need to lose weight and stay fit! Join other people who have been successful and learn how to maintain your weight through eating healthy!

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"Just Results is my preferred recommendation for medically supervised weight loss. The counselors at Just Results are well educated in health concerns associated with obesity. They are also well educated in the weight loss struggles of clients with chronic illnesses such as sleep apnea, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, and anxiety / depression. I can strongly recommend Just Results - not just as a health care provider, but as a client (35 pound loser)"



Joslin B. Leasca, MSN, NP

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Everyone can lose weight, but keeping it off is the tough part! Find the help you need at Just Results Weight Loss Center of Plainville, CT to lead a healthier lifestyle.


With our personalized weight loss programs and custom meal plans, you will learn to eat healthy and stay fit. Get the professional help you need to get your health on the right track!

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We are seeing members in person for their consultations.  Please wear a mask.    Call if you have any questions        401-595-0393